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What Is TTS Academy?

TTS Academy weeds out the weak from the strong. It’s a true measure of where you stand as an athlete. A true TTS member isn’t someone who is already #1, but someone who strives to be #1. Well, #2, because there isn’t an athlete in the world more explosive than me! So a TTS athlete, strives to be #2, and should be #2 with dignity and respect because you are the closest thing to athletic perfection on the planet…just not #1…Read More

Why Speed, Quickness, and Explosiveness Matters?

Is that a serious question? I am offended you even asked! Let me ask you a question…Have you ever heard a college coach or scout say, “Man, I wanted to offer him a scholarship but he was just too fast…I couldn’t keep up with him”. Absolutely not, you should be ashamed that you aren’t as fast as humanly possibly! #slowfeatdonteat Read More

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I really don’t know. (To be honest, I really just want to see how many athletes actually want to become the best they can be. 49 Cents per day is roughly .001% of how much I charge per hour. If you haven’t taken action by now, please leave my site, but first share it with an athlete who is better than you.


I used to have a 12.5 vertical now I’m up to about 19. I still need to work harder on form with that. Running my 40 went from a 5.5  to a 5.09 and my time to first base from the right side is an easy 4.18 soon to be sub 4 second.

Ethan O'Malley, Baseball Player
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