3 Crucial Things Parents Need To Know About Their Kids And Sports To Set Them Up For Success

If you’re reading this, I already know you are a dedicated parent and whole heartedly wants your child to succeed.  I’m not exactly sure how you got here; maybe you saw us on ESPN or Sports Illustrated, maybe it was on TV,  maybe it was a Podcast or on Facebook, or maybe it was pure […]

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The Future Of Sports Training And How It Will Impact Your Life (With Twice The Speed)

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, but I figured this would be the best way to communicate everything that is going on with Twice The Speed (and the future of training). Over the last couple years, I have been relatively quiet (on the social media side of things) partly because I […]

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How A Little White Lie Earned This Trainer Millions – And How The System Can Be Replicated By Trainers of All Experience

Are you a Trainer Or Coach Who Wants To Start Making 6 Or Even 7 Figures Online? This story will give a good idea of what it takes to become successful (in the Fitness Business) This Rock Bottom story is something I think anyone who isn’t making 6 Figures from Online Training will read and […]

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