NFL Speed- Desean Jackson Speed Training (Part 1/3)

So the majority of you guys know who Desean Jackson and for those of you who don’t please find out because he is one of the fasters players in the NFL.  In this 3 part series I am going to unveil three “elite” NFL speedsters who all have a different style of speed.  The first athlete I am going to go over is Desean Jackson.  I am going to break down what makes his speed so effective making him impossible to guard.

Breakaway Speed: Breakaway speed is a term you often hear in football and is simplywhen an athlete gets out in front and cannot be caught.  Desean Jackson is a prime example of this because I can’t remember a time he has ever been caught from behind (unless you count the time he fumbled it on the 1 because he prematurely celebrated a touchdown).  But what makes for “breakaway” speed?  Breakaway speed is merely being able to accelerate faster than your opponents.

Desean Jackson has some of the best acceleration in football and shows it when he goes deep.  Desean is known to take the top off the defense meaning there always has to be someone over the top to stop the long ball.  Even with this style of defense, he is still very tough to guard.

What makes an athlete good at accelerating? You guys are probably thinking that Jackson is just a freak of nature and was born with blazing speed, which is probably true to some

extent.  But to increase your acceleration you need to be doing certain exercises to build a powerful foundation creating longer more powerful strides.

What types of exercises can I do to accelerate better? Doing plyometric jumps such as tuck jumps, squat jumps, broad jumps, single leg bounding all play a major role in increasing acceleration.  Another key component is to train your “hip flexors” and get them strong so they can work as an antagonist to your “glutes” which are arguably the most important muscle when it comes to become more explosive. For those of you who notice yourselves being fast right out of the blocks but you just can’t seem to avoid

getting caught, either on an angle pursuit, or literally from behind, then you need to understand how to train to accelerate better.

Desean Jackson is a great example but there are many more NFL athletes who accelerate extremely well: Tedd Ginn Jr, Jahvid Best, Jacoby Ford, Mike Wallace, CJ Spiller, an a TON more.  These are all guys who touch the ball and if they are not tackled at the first or second level, they are off to the raises and will not be caught!

If you are serious about increasing your acceleration and becoming a complete sprinter then you need to understand exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are as a runner. If you are training with a system with no purpose, you will not get the results you desire. For a complete Speed Training System guaranteed to take your sprinting to the next level be sure to check out the “Twice The Speed Training System”on our products page!

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