Vertical Jump Workout (Serious Athletes Only)

So this is what’s going to happen…I’m coming out with a Vertical Jump Workout on Monday and it’s going to change your life (if you aspire to have hops that is).  Many of you are already doing my “Twice The Speed Training System”, My “Get Up Workout”, or my old vertical jump program, “Jump Out The Gym”.  These are all great workouts and we’ve heard thousands of success stories from athletes from 30+ countries.

That said, you are probably wondering what is so special about this “new” vertical jump workout.  Let me break it down for you…

The 30 Day Vertical Jump Cure

  • Tells you when to workout
  • How to workout
  • When to eat
  • How to eat
  • How to efficiently warmup
  • How to efficiently cool-down
  • How to cut your body fat and get an explosive upper body
  • How to flush your system for faster recovery
  • How to ignite your CNS (Central Nervous System) at will
  • How to think day in/out
  • Even how to shower!!

I know you’re probably thinking…why in the world would I need to shower a certain way, or think a certain way.  The answer is simple!  Because here at Twice The Speed, we want you to have the BIGGEST advantage over your competition!!  When you look good, we look good, and it’s always fun to dominate competition.

This workout will be a day by day break down of EXACTLY what you need to be doing from the time you wake up, until you go to bed.

  • Plyometrics
  • Strength Training
  • Core Work
  • Calf Workout
  • Static Cooldown
  • Foam Roll Series
  • Dynamic Warmup
  • CNS Igniter
  • Upper Body Plyos
  • Upper Body Strength Training

I just wanted to give you a glimpse of what you will be offered come Monday.  Leave your comments below with any questions you may have related to this program, or vertical jump in general…

Talk soon,

Coach Cascio



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David says April 12, 2012

Did c.j. also do this with twice the speed and get up ?

youssef wehbe says April 12, 2012

how much does it coast

tony says April 13, 2012

Cant wait wana b the first

Gabriel S.C says April 13, 2012

I need a total body stretching program to increase flexibility and explosiveness. Can you help?

daquan shennett says April 13, 2012

i need upper body strength and explosiveness and higher vertical to a 50 inch can yo help me

daquan shennett says April 13, 2012

higher vertical to a 50 inch. upper body strength and explosiveness

daquan shennett says April 13, 2012

higher jumping to a 50 inch vertical n explosiveness

daquan shennett says April 13, 2012

50 inch vertical thats my goal can u hep me

George says April 13, 2012

If i already have your twice the speed, and your burst work out and i just purchased them about a week ago is it neccessary to buy this on monday??? won’t the other two sytems give me increases in my vertical???

Alex says April 14, 2012

Buying this come Monday

mustafa says April 14, 2012

what about if you are fat and you want to lose body fat and also gain speed

alan says April 14, 2012

what’s the difference between jump out of the gym ???

Michael Orr says April 14, 2012

I’m 38 years old and use to be able to dunk a basketball in high school. I had a 32 inch vertical and I want to get it back I have a bet with my 16 year old daughter I would dunk again.

Ant says April 16, 2012

I am excited! is it going to be a 7 day program or 5 split day program?

Edris says April 16, 2012

Please send me the link for this workout and select me as a winner my email is please I want to increase my werticsl so bad because I can almost dunk for my basketball team thank u and please pick me;)

fily cordero says April 17, 2012

hey i purchased the 30 day vertical program but when i submited my purchase i didnt get the download link. It took the money from my account its just that i didnt get the program.

kenny lee says April 21, 2012

I need the program. I have been a lot of trouble with the law and drugs. I have gotten my life straight and will be attending fremont college next year. I will be playing football for the first time in four years. I could you all the help I can get. I watch all your youtube videos and are amazingly beneficial. Thank you for the opportunity. Have a blessed day Jack.

Jason Ellingson says April 21, 2012

I am excited about this program because at 33yrs of age, I have a strong desire to work this program from start to finish and finally be able to dunk a basketball. Since the age of 15 I have been stuck in old ancient training and lifting exercises with never being able to do more than touch the rim. At the present moment I am 4 inches short of the rim. Let’s see where I am at day 30.

CJ says April 21, 2012

Hey Jack, I’m 100% committed to the goal of dunking the basketball (I’m actually coming from the gym right now :-)):
A year ago I probably had the worst flexibility in the country. When I discovered that flexibility is key for vertical jumping and athletic improvements in general (yea, I didn’t know anything back then) I started to stretch 25 minutes everyday before going to bed. On harmstring stretches I went from getting my hands to about knee level to touching the ground with all 5 fingers.
I also started to work out 6 days a week in the beginning of the year, implementing your great youtube content – Immortal Abs Series, Explosive Chest, VJ Prescription – into my workouts (can’t thank you enough for the awesome stuff you have on there). I’ve already seen great gains in speed, jumping and explosiveness.

As of right now I am really (really) close to dunking and I need your program to get me these last few inches.

Again thank you for everything!
Kind regards from Germany, CJ

Pontus Byströmn says April 22, 2012

I want to increase my speed and my vertical jump so I can touch the rim (about 3 inch away). I’m already training about 9 times a week. I haven’t increased that much during my time at the Swedish baseball academy.

    bill says May 9, 2012

    there are only 7 days in a week sir

stephan says November 12, 2013

hi jack , what is the more efficient program to increase vertical jump , Twice The Speed Elite Training or The 30 Day Vertical Jump Cure ?

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