I get at a minimum 5-6 emails per day asking if I do personal training. The answer is NO, and I am going to explain exactly why. Doing one on one training with a trainer can be very beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • • You will get 100% attention.
  • • It’s not a one size fits all workout.
  • • You can workout at a comfortable pace.

These are all great things when looking to become a better athlete. I would never say to shy away from working out with a trainer. Just be sure you know who you are working with and that you have 100% trust that they will get you to reach your goals.

Often time’s athletes listen to their team/coaches workouts. This approach can also be very beneficial. Just know that a lot of these workouts are extremely outdated and are geared towards a group of athletes rather than you specifically.

These are just a few of the reasons I created the Twice The Speed Training System. I wanted to be able to give cutting edge training to the average athlete. I have been fortunate enough to work with a number of professional athletes who also agree that a one-size fits all program is not what you need to reach your goals. With our revolutionary training style you will be given the exact workout, diet, and mindset to become elite.

Some things to look for in your training program that professional athletes are doing and you’re not:

  • • Are you training for speed or strength like 98% of people typically do?
  • • Are you tracking and measuring your results?
  • • Are you constantly changing up workouts to avoid plateaus?
  • • Are you doing complex training to shock your body’s Central Nervous System?
  • • Are you fueling your body rather than feeding it?
  • • Most importantly, are you getting training from someone who has professional experience/sought after worldwide?

The Twice The Speed Training System has been sold in over 50 countries and continues to be a leader in the market for athletes who want to get better at their sport. Scouts and coaches look for one thing in an athlete: “Explosiveness”. They want the guy that can’t be guarded, or can make game changing plays at the drop of a hat. Within just a few workouts, this is exactly the athlete you will become.

If you are working out with a trainer (paying a ton of money) or using your coach/teams workouts and you just don’t feel like that’s what the pro’s are doing, then become a part of the Twice The Speed Family today. You will see the game changing results you have been looking for that you and your peers thought were impossible to achieve.


Jack Cascio

NSCA – CSCS / SAQ Specialist
Creator Of The Twice The Speed Training System
Pro Athlete Trainer
3 Time ESPN Nominated Published Author
4.3 40 Yard Time / 44 Inch Vertical Jump

Price $50.00+ Per Workout Less Than $2.00 Per Workout
Workout Style What They “Feel” Athletes Need What Actual Pro Athletes Are Doing
Schedule On Their Time On Your Own Time
Duration 60 Minuts 45 Minutes
Full Nutrition Action Plan Extra Money If They Even Know Nutrition Included In The TTS System
Monthly Charge
(4X Weekly)
$800 Monthly $77 Life Time
Free Workouts/
Never Weekly Basis
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