Twice The Speed Football

The #1 Football Training Program In The Country

Double Your Athletic Ability

The Twice The Speed System is the complete Speed Training Guide for Youth Through Professional Athletes.  Using our proprietary first step program, top flight system, and acceleration you will see results in as soon as 2 workouts (1 week).

Your Complete Customized Workout 

TTS Academy is our complete customizable training program.  With this workout you will start with the TTS Combine, then enter exactly what you need to work on the most, and our software will create the perfect customized workout for you. 

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Add 30 LBS To Your Bench In 30 Days

​Think it's impossible to add 30 lbs to your bench press in 1 month?  Think again!  This 30 day workout has proven time and time again to pack on some serious LBS to your bench press.

Develop Ankle Breaking Quickness In 7 Workouts

​This workout is for guys who want ankle breaking quickness.  Through properly igniting your Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers, you will instantly feel like a new player.  Forget being caught in the open field. 

Shave Your 40 Time By 3-5 Tenths in 30 Days

The 40 Yard Blueprint is perfect if you want  break away speed.  If you are training for a combine, this is the EXACT workout you should be doing leading up to that event.  This is also great for right before the season.

Increase Your Vertical Jump By 4-6 Inches in 30 Days

The DOVJ was created to build incredible lower body power in the least amount of time possible.  If you are training for a combine and want to be the best Vertical Jump and Broad Jump there, this workout is for you.

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