#1 “Pushup Exercise” All Serious Athletes Should Do

#1 “Pushup Exercise” All Serious Athletes Should Do



Coordination to a New Level

Hunter Grindle – TTS Intern


When regular “pushup exercise”s aren’t giving you the quick gains that they used to, what do you do? Do you add hundreds of “pushups” a day to your training routine? If you are, you’re REALLY going to want to read the rest of this article, because you are making a BIG mistake.

Here at Twice the Speed, we believe the best philosophy is to train smarter, not harder. Unfortunately, the reality for most young and even experienced athletes is, they think that they have to do MORE to get stronger and more athletic. Instead, all an athlete really has to do is make a few minor tweaks to the program and those plateaus will turn into new Personal Records.


We always work on balance and stability in the lower  body, why not the upper body?

We always work on balance and stability in the lower body, why not the upper body?


When an athlete trains the same movement and muscles over and over again, they become extremely strong and efficient in that movement pattern. This is great, but it is important to recognize that as certain muscles are getting stronger, others are not. These other muscles that aren’t getting stronger are a factor in why the term “diminishing gains” exists. Think of the phrase, “‘Your team is only as good as the weakest link”.

Substituting a non-stable surface into your “pushup” is going to do a number of things for you:


1. Strengthen the small, supporting muscles that may have been underworked  in the regular “pushup” (These muscles provide stability and help prevent injury)

2. Improve coordination and balance (proprioception) which will make you a sick athlete.

3. You’ll have fun


A non-stable surface can range from swiss balls, bosu balls, tennis balls, and even basketballs. Each have a different level of difficulty so find the one that works for you.

If you try to begin your “pushup” and your arms start shaking all over the place, don’t even attempt the repetition. Just hold a static position on the ball until you are able to balance yourself. Once you are able to balance while remaining still, then attempt the “pushup” and you’ll find it comes a little bit easier.

By improving your weaknesses, you’ll find quickly that the push-ups that were already getting easy, will now be extremely quick and explosive.


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