3 Pillars To Explosive Athletic Success

There are 3 pillars when it comes to athletic Success…

1. Get Enough Rest – Too many times athletes are working very hard, but they are not working smart.  You need to realize that your gains are coming in your rest periods, NOT while you’re in the weight room.  Be sure to take enough time in between workouts.  There have been times that I’ve actually had athletes weight a full week before they attack a specific muscle again depending on how much we taxed their nervous system.  The Twice The Speed Training System is an explosive workout that actually gives you the perfect dose of training.  Think of it like a prescription from a Doctor…You are given a certain dose that fits your specific needs.

2. Moving Weights Fast – Often times athletes get caught up on just training their muscles to be strong.  This means they move weights slow in a longgggg rep.  3 seconds on the way down, 3 seconds on the way up.  Why not do 3 seconds on the way down, and 1 second on the way up?  You need to mix up your tempos if you want to truly be explosive.


3.  Skill Development-  If you want to throw down SICK dunks…practice dunking!  If you want to be the best Shortstop in the state…work on your defense!  etc…You get the point! I’ve seen plenty of weight room warriors who get so caught up on a number in a specific exercise, that they forget what their real goals are…To get better at their sport!  You need to be on a program (Like TTS) where you give yourself time to practice what’s really important, which is your GAME!

Take these 3 pillars and run with them!  Base your goals around them, and start killing it!

Talk soon,

Jack Cascio



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