Blake Griffin Dunks Over Perkins (Elastic Jumpers)

So a lot of you guys already saw it and if you haven’t I will link it later in the blog for you to watch.  Last night in the Clippers game Blake Griffin threw down on Perkins last night. This was one of the best dunks I have ever seen in my life.  As we all know, Blake is extremely gifted and has a knack for dunking on people, but this dunk seriously takes the cake!

What makes Blake Griffin so Special?

Considering he is 250 lbs and has a running vertical jump around 40, I would NOT want
to get in his way in the lane either.  He possesses a unique jumping ability for an athlete his size…That said, at the NBA combine he tested in with a 33 inch standing vertical jump.  Which is great, but most people would have thought he could jump higher…Now, why is that?  He is what we call an “Elastic Jumper” meaning once he builds some momentum he can literally jump out the gym.  Another good example of this is Derrick Rose (only had a 33.5 vertical jump at the nba combine).

What Makes You Have A Better Standing Vertical Jump?

Guys who are “Strength Jumpers” tend to have better standing vertical jumps because of the amount of force they can deliver into the ground from a stand still.  This is why you see guys at the NFL combine with standing verts 40+ inches!!  Having a 40+ standing vertical jump in the NBA is extremely rare, but has been done.  Even the man Michael Jordan himself only had a 37.5 inch standing vert.  Now guys, don’t get me wrong…having a vertical leap 33+ inches at that size is absolutely insane, but I am just laying out the facts for you.

Elastic jumpers tend to need to build up some momentum prior to jumping.  Once they build up this momentum you see their verts start to really get up there.  The gap between a basketball players standing and running vert is much larger on average than one of a football player.  For example, Derrick Rose can jump 33.5 standing, and about 44 running, whereas Calvin Johnson had a 41 inch standing vert and CANNOT jump 52.5 running.

In order to improve your standing vertical jump you need to increase your limit strength and convert it into power.  So by raising your 1RM for squat while simultaneously doing plyometrics you will soon be soaring through the sky!!  For more content related to sports training be sure to check out the rest of our blog and our Youtube channel where we give away hundreds of unique exercises that will take your game to the next level.

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