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“Nate Robinson” Motivated Me [Part 1]

“Nate Robinson Motivated Me” [Part 1] Recently I was out in Seattle with Nate Robinson filming some cool workouts for Basketball players…Throughout the couple days I was out there, I picked up on some things about Nate’s demeanor. I will explain in further detail some of the things I started to notice.  Nate is one of the fiercest competitors […]

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Abs For Athletes

Core For Athletes Do you want six pack abs? You probably answered yes, but what you don’t know is that anyone is capable of having them. It is all a matter of getting a low enough body fat percentage in order to have them show; however, what you might miss out on is that having […]

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The Front Squat

The Front Squat                   The front squat is a great exercise to add into your program. Although I recommend learning the back squat first, the front squat is a great exercise for more advanced athletes to learn. The reason I suggest learning the back squat first is just so athletes can build up sufficient leg […]

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