The Future of “Twice The Speed Training”

The Future Of “Twice The Speed Training”

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Over the last 6 months I have spent more hours than I could possibly count on shaping the future of Twice The Speed.  In this blog post, I will give you the cliff notes version of how the of how TTS will re-shape the way athletes train all over the world.  For the last 2 months we hired on our first Full-Time Employee “Todd Dunham”.  He is a former D1 Baseball player at “Oakland University” and just so happens to know how to create really cool software?  Weird right?  I was extremely lucky to meet someone who knows Tech as well as has a serious background in sports!

Our plan is to grow and find the most talented Trainers, Developers, Engineers, etc…so we can put a serious dent on the future of training.

In the last 4 years online, we have had some great success.  Workouts like Twice The Speed, Vertical Jump Cure, Fast Twitch Formula, etc…have sold in over 60 Countries World Wide.  We have hundreds if not thousands of testimonials of athletes seeing major improvements.

So what else could we possibly have up our sleeve?

Around 5 months ago, I blogged about some of the things we would be creating, but instead of telling you via words, I whipped up this info-graphic…

(Picture 1 – Each Feature Is Explained In Depth Below)

Untitled Infographic


We currently have about 140 Beta members some of which we surveyed and interviewed (and their parents) to help shape the future of Sports Training.  Below I will break down each step so you can get an idea of the exact direction we are heading.

Right now, we still have training programs we sell in our TTS Catalog.  Eventually all of these workouts will be extinct, and here’s why.

Twice The Speed will be a training software that gets smarter as you tell it more information.

Weight Room Access (Equipment you have access to)
Your Current Ability

and most importantly…

Your Future Goals As An Athlete!

920482Everyone reading this has probably seen a Youtube video of ours, and about 80% of you have seen one with CJ (Chris James) in it.  For those of you who don’t know who that is, HERE is a link of his 3 Year High School Transformation (Frosh To Senior – Fall 2010 To 2013 Fall).  CJ is the last athlete that I have worked with on a one on one basis.  Prior to him, I was fortunate to train over 3,000 athletes from all over.  Now, with time being a major issue I am solely focused on creating the future for athletes.

Our workouts constantly changed because CJ was constantly changing.  Not just in his ability, but there were some days he was just more tired than others.  Was it his diet? Lack of sleep? Too much sleep? Not hydrated enough?

These were all the questions I would address prior to our workouts to gauge what/how much he could do.  Once we found the sweet spot, CJ knew how much sleep he needed, what foods led to great workouts, and what foods led to shitty workouts.  This was the single most powerful asset we had in training.

Over the next few weeks we will be launching our 2nd version of The Twice The Speed Academy (New Technology).  With this technology you will be able to adjust your workouts based on your priorities and goals (exactly what we did with CJ).

(Picture 2)

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.56.53 AM
This will get you a customized workout that adjusts to your ability and resources (do you have a weight room?).  You will answer a series of Survey questions, enter in some weight room stats, and actually compete in the TTS Combine (online) where our software will spit out exactly what you should be doing.

As we get more members into the area, we will be adding more features.  Below I will explain (Picture 1) and what each feature really means.


Phase 1 – Relaunch

We will relaunch the software with the customization ability shown in Picture 2.  We will also have various features like:

Workouts Feature – Once you tell us the needed information about yourself and your goals, our workouts tab will guide you the rest of the way.  If you miss a workout, TTS will know. Your workouts will not progress and get harder if you are missing workouts.  It will simply work as hard as you do.  If you are slacking, TTS will not move ahead without you.


Community Feature- You will be able to interact with other TTS Members and actually vote on each thread.  Using our up/down vote technology, only the BEST topics that actually help athletes become better, will be at the top of the community boards.

TTS Score Feature – Once you become a member you will be put through the TTS Combine.  Once you do each test, it will compute you a TTS Score.  This score will help us gauge your ability as an athlete, as well as show you where you stand compared to others around the world.  The most important part of this feature is that you are 100% honest, because if you lie, your workouts will not be tailored exactly to you.  Once you have your score, you will start your customized workouts, and when TTS feels it’s time to test again, you will be asked to do your next TTS Combine.  Your rating will either go up or down, and from there TTS will re-access your ability and prescribe your workout accordingly.  Our TTS Score feature will log ALL of your scores as you grow as an athlete.  You will see them in a graph format so you can actually see how your hard work is paying off.

Progress Feature – This goes hand and hand with the TTS Score Feature.  Here is where you see your progress in your TTS Score, as well as each individual test you have to do in the TTS Combine.  Just because your overall score is going up, doesn’t mean you got better at each individual test.

Badges Feature – This is where it gets fun.  As you complete different tasks throughout your TTS experience, you will earn different badges.  These could be for, “breaking a personal record on a lift”, or “being a member for 6 months”, or simply “not missing a workout for 30 days”.  You will not know exactly how to earn each badge, but as you use the software you will unlock them.  **Future Feature = TTS Cash** Each badge will be given a TTS Cash value.  The more cash you earn, the more you can buy in our TTS Store.  Wristbands, Shirts, Shorts, New Features, etc…(this is coming in the future as a part of the competition feature when we hit 500 members).


Those are all the current features we will have when we relaunch the Software.  So you’re probably wondering what the future phases of the Software will look like?  I will explain both the tech and business side for each phase.  Example: Who we will hire, etc…(so for all you sports junkies/trainers, a future job with TTS could be in your plans 🙂

***This is just a rough outline hiring wise.  Nothing is concrete and there will most likely be employees added on in between each phase.  All Chicago Based.***


Phase 2 (500 Members) 

We will build out our Competition Feature.  This is where you can challenge friends to finally see who is more athletic! The reason we are waiting until 500 members is because we need more feedback from users to help us build this feature EXACTLY how YOU want it.  Not what we THINK will be cool, but what is ACTUALLY cool! Lol.  I am 27 years old now, so what I think is cool, is definitely different than you.  This is where we need your help!  Once we hit 500 members we will be hiring on a head Sports Performance Specialist.  This person will help with our ongoing critique of the TTS Algorithm (software).  This person will also help with video content, blogging, and interaction with members to give users the best experience possible. **This trainer will need to be in or move to Chicago**.


Phase 3 (1,000 Members)

We will build out our Sports Nutrition Feature. We obviously understand how important Diet and Nutrition is for athletes.  It can literally be the make or break for you making your High School team, getting a D1 Scholarship, or making it Pro!  This feature is going to take a lot of time and effort on our end.  Between Todd (developer), our sports performance specialist, myself, and of course our user’s input, we will create the most user friend nutrition app for athletes humanly possible.  At this point we are going to need to help Todd a little.  He will be our only developer working on the software at this point, so it’s time to hire our second developer.  This developer will need to know HTML, CSS, Jquery, PHP, and Java.  At this point, we will be developing our application for the iPhone (Todd) and Android (New guy – hence the Java).  **Chicago Based**


Phase 4 (1,500 Members)

We will build out our “Get Recruited Feature”. You’ve probably already thought to yourself, “how do I get a scholarship?” or, “it’s impossible to get in touch with college coaches”.  Trust me, every athlete goes through this.  Even CJ went through this for a lot of his High School career, and he was a top 20 Running Back in the Nation!  This feature will give you the ability to punch in your GPA, ACT or SAT score, Sport, Region in which you would like to go to school, among other entries, and the software will spit out all the coaches within that region, along with their email and office phone numbers.  How much would that benefit you as an athlete?  We will need to hire another developer at this program to help with the creation of this feature.


Phase 5 (2,500 Members)

We will build out our “Coaches Tracking Feature”. This will give your coaches the ability to graph and track your team using our software.  This gives coaches a way of seeing who is actually putting in the needed work to get better, and who isn’t.  At this point, we will need a Full Time Videographer/Video Editor.  This will mainly be for an up in content and quality.  This person will also manage all social media content (Youtube, Instagram, Twitter).


Phase 6 (5,000 Members)

We will build our “Position Coach Feature”.  This feature will be to REALLY customize your experience with TTS.  Not only will we have sport specific skills training for your to do, but we will actually break down each position.  Example: Short Stops will be doing skill work on the field to become better at their position, while Centerfielders will be given completely different skill workouts.  We will do this in order of Sport Priority.  Out of the 5,000 members, what % from each sport.  We will start with the biggest percentage.  From knowing my audience, it will probably be: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Track, Volleyball, in that order.  At this point we will be hiring sport specific coaches.  Example: Director Of Football Operations.


Phase 7 (10,000 Members)

We will start the “Research And Development Phase”.  The TTS Team will have grown at this point.  I can’t get too much into this yet, but we will be coming out with wearable technology that integrates with the TTS Software.  We will be hiring Engineers at this point to start the research and development process.


Phase 8 (20,000 Members)

We will launch “Wearable Technology”.  This is when EVERYTHING changes for you as an athlete.  You will be using proprietary technology to prepare, train, and track/measure your sports performance.  Like phase 7, I cannot get too far into explaining this technology, but just trust me that it’s game changing!  We will be hiring on various positions to make sure each and every athlete in the world, has an equal opportunity to reach their potential!  Kids who grow up with expensive trainers, will not be the only ones getting ahead.

Phase 9 (25,000 Members)

We will our first “Live TTS Combines” where athletes from all over the world can compete against one another.  It will be different than anything you have ever experienced.  There will be professional instruction as well as competition.  This will require a lot of planning and strategy, but we cannot wait to get here!


Even though Phase 9 seems to be an eternity away, it will be here before you know it!  And it is just the beginning.

If you made it this far in the blog, AWESOME! Thank you so much for taking your time to read all of this.  Without you guys, none of these would even be possible.  I am investing all my time, money, energy, and resources into make this dream a reality.

If you could, simply leave a comment with your thoughts about the future of TTS.  Whether they are positive or negative, I would love to hear your thoughts.  Like I said, this entire platform is being built by you guys.  We will reach 25,000 members MUCH quicker by building it as a community of athletes, rather than just me and the TTS Team.

Our second version of the software coming out in the next few weeks is built solely from the feedback of our current Beta users.

The more feedback the better!

Simply leave your comment, and give us your feedback on this post, and you will be entered to win! 🙂


Talk soon,
Coach Cascio









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