Hip Flexors- Speed Training phenomenon

Are you currently training your hip flexors?  This is often a muscle that is over looked by both athletes and trainers.  You need to understand that your “core” is not just your abs and lower back, and is actually ” from above your knee, to below your pec”.

Hip Flexor for Speed Training

Once you understand this you may realize actually how important your hip flexors are when it comes to getting faster.  ALL speed training programs should have some type of isolated hip flexor workouts.  I have never been the type to have my athletes do isolated lifts, and usually limit them to complex workouts, but isolating your hips can be the make or break in your speed training program.

First:  See if your hips are flexible enough.  How high can you pull your knee towards your chest?  Balance on one leg and pull your knee to your chest and hold for 3 seconds to see how high your hip allows you to go.

Next:  Once you can keep your balance and you know how high your knee can be pulled up, let go of your leg and try to keep it in the same place.  For example, if you can pull your knee all the way to your chest, hold for 3 seconds, and then let go trying to keep your knee against your chest.

The higher you can pull your knee, the more flexible you are.  The higher you can keep your knee up, the stronger your hips are.  Do not be discouraged if your knee is dropping down 5-6 inches because that just means you have a lot of room to grow.

Hip Flexor Video coming soon…

Talk soon,

Jack Cascio