Tim Tebow: What Makes Him So Special?

So I had to write about this because he is such a big topic in sports right now.  Tim Tebow is doing exactly what everyone said he couldn’t do, win games!!  He is not just winning games, he is making monstrous come backs in the fourth quarter which the All-Time Greats were notorious for doing.  Many critics say that he has the “will to win” and he just has a gift, others say; he knows how to use his legs…

There are other quarterbacks in the NFL who are faster than him who don’t rush for as many yards.  Tebow ran a 4.71 40 yard at the combine which is pretty fast for a quarterback but nothing special.  However, Tebow had one of the best vertical jumps of all time at the combine with a 37.5 which is outstanding for any position.  So what does this all equate to?  Having a strong standing vertical jump like Tebow does, is a sign that he generates enormous amounts of power and does not need momentum to do so.  In past articles I discuss how Derrick Rose has a 33.5 standing vertical jump but when you give him a running start (momentum) he cranks it up to about a 44 inch vert.

Tebow is close to full force right from the start making him tough to bring down.  He also has a gift that many athletes don’t possess.  The gift of making everyone around him play better!!  There have been studies done that players (like Tebow) come out on top more often or not because of their easy going, uppity personalities.  When someone drops a pass, you don’t see him whining, yelling, or pointing fingers…He simply taps the player on the helmet and says, no worries, let’s get them this play.

This type of attitude has been proven to create a bond between players that is almost superhuman.  It’s not coincidental that the defense all the sudden started shutting teams down.  This is the same defense that was out there for the first 6 weeks of the season.  Tebow brings intangibles to the table and the players around him are started to feed off that.  The Denver Broncos are going to be tough to beat right now because they are playing with such a chip on their shoulder.

My advice to you as an athlete, whether you like Tim Tebow or not, watch him closely and learn from the way he treats the players around him.  If you consider yourself a leader on your team then take a page from his book and keep your team motivated rather than putting them down if they are not playing up to par.

So my question to you is, who do you think the best sports leader of all time is?  It Does not matter what sport, or era…In the comment box below just add in who you think is one of sports most influential leaders…

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Talk soon,

Coach Cascio