The Truth About Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, And Emmit Smith

The Truth About Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, And Emmit Smith

They all have the insane ability to decelerate faster than anyone in the game at their time.  Stop running FAST, and start decelerating FAST!

Yea, I said it!  DON”T RUN FAST, DECELERATE!  Haha…Now, I know that sounds crazy, but there has been a common misunderstanding on what football speed really is.  Everyone is always talking about how important your [40 yard time is] and don’t get me wrong, it’s very important.

But let’s look at some of the all time great players

•    Walter Payton (4.6 40)
•    Jerry Rice (4.7 40 on a good day)
•    Emmit Smith (4.6 40)

Yea, I get that you can argue that Football is a different game nowadays, and you’re absolutely right, but do you want to know what all three of these legends had in common?

They could efficiently Decelerate!

What is deceleration?

This is the exact opposite of acceleration…This is the ability to slow down and come to a halt from top end speed.  Being able to do this most likely means that you can make guys miss with ease.  Think Reggie Bush!

There are tons of drills you can do to learn to decelerate, but none better than what we do here at Twice The Speed.  Check out this deceleration video we put together.

Watch It HERE <—— Learn how to decelerate

So next time you are doing your [speed training workouts] then be sure you are adding exercises like the one’s in the video above if you want to become the complete football player.

For a full workout that includes all of these training principles be sure to grab your copy of the hottest athletic enhancement training program online.


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