3 Upper Body Resistance Band Exercises! (Bench Press More!)

A lot of athletes use Resistance Bands for lower body training, however they can be used in a lot of different ways. In this video, we show you the 3 best upper body exercises to use with resistance bands. This will help all athletes if they are trying to increase their bench press or have a more athletic upper body.

The breakdown of each resistance band exercises (sets and reps included):

Around The World | 2 Sets x 10 Reps

How To Perform: You will start off in a pushup position with the resistance bands around your wrists. Next, you will spread your right arm out to the right to create resistance on the band. You will then stable yourself and move your left hand to your right hand. Make sure to keep your feet in the same spot so you will start to go around in a circle. You will repeat this until you do a full 360 degrees (one full circle = one rep). Once you are back in the sport that you started you will go back the other way.

Diamond Super Set | 2 Sets x 10 Reps

How To Perform: You will start in a push-up form with your hands next to each other making a diamond shape (thumbs touching each other, as well as your index fingers), have the Resistance Bands around your wrists. You will go down like a normal push up although when you down you will spring yourself up and on your way up, lift your hands off the ground and spread them out to shoulder length. Next, you will move your hands back to the center (diamond position) and repeat. You will do this for 

Around The World Diamond Super Set | 1 Sets x 6 Reps

How To Perform: You will combine these two previous exercises together. When you are going around the world you will move your hands to a diamond then push up and spread your hands apart. You will do this for a full 360 degrees then back.

Give this video a watch to help you bench press more and shake up your exercises with Resistance Bands!

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