5 Phases Of A Speed And Agility Workout (FULL BREAKDOWN)

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One thing that we should get clear, not all workouts are the same. In the video, I talk a little bit about age and how it will affect certain phases of the workout. Here is a link to the video where I go into more depth about what age your child should be working out: https://youtu.be/MpZYbB-ukgE


Now, let’s get into the breakdown of each phase!


Phase 1: Dynamic Warmup


The first phase might seem boring however it is important to do. You will do movements like high knees, leg kicks, etc for 5-10 yards. This will heat up your muscles for the workout to come.


Here is a Dynamic Warmup video: https://youtu.be/-r7hRDelgik


Phase 2: Activation Warmup


This part of the workout is what most athletes skip, that they really shouldn’t! The exercises performed in this phase such as quick feet drills activate your fast-twitch muscles in your body, getting them ready for the next phase, Plyometrics.


Here is an Activation Warmup video: https://youtu.be/Fr_8nvX70T8


Phase 3: Plyometrics


This phase is where the fun starts to happen! These are jumping exercises like Ski Jumps, Butt Kicks, Box Jumps, etc. These will help develop explosiveness and first step quickness!


Here is a Plyometric Training video: https://youtu.be/F9AHG-jFIPo


Phase 4: Weight Lifting


This phase is more for the advanced athletes, ones that are around the age of 13+ however, you would need to watch our video “What Age Should my Kid Start Lifting” video above. The exercises in this part of the workout will help make your muscles stronger and have more power in your sport.


Phase 5: Cool down


The cool down is the last but important stage of a workout. These exercises will help transition your body to a near rest state. These stretches are known as static stretching.


That is the breakdown of a Speed And Agility workout, now depending on your age, weight, sport, etc you will have to implement the best workout for you.


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