9 Exercises To Increase Your Vertical! (Jump Higher)

If you are trying to increase your vertical jump by a few inches and want to become more explosive then add this warmup to your workout regimen! We have Athletes all over the world doing it and sending us their results on Instagram (@TwiceTheSpeed). 


You don’t need Resistance Bands to do this warmup, just do the same movements without Resistance Bands. If you are wanting to claim a set of TTS Resistance Bands, here is a link to claim a set for Free (just cover shipping): https://twicethespeed.com/yt-resistance-bands-3


Wideouts – 3 Sets | 10 Seconds


How To Perform: Have the band around your ankles and then jump and spread your feet apart about 2 feet then jump back into having them about 1 foot apart. You jump laterally instead of front back. You will have to do this as fast as you can.


Alternate Quick Feet – 3 Sets | 10 Seconds


How To Perform: You will have a line and have one foot over the line and one foot behind the line. Now with the band still around your ankles, you will alternate your feet over the line. You will do this as fast as you can.


Band Holds – 2 Sets | 10-15 Seconds (Both Legs)


How To Perform: The band will be around your ankles and have your knee drive up and hold it at the top point. Do not have it go higher than your hip though. Keep it there for around 10-15 seconds for one set then redo again once you are ready.


Band Chops – 2 Sets | 10 Reps


How To Perform: Similar to the “Band Holds” however instead of holding your knee you will just drive the knee up then back down and then back up. Make sure to keep your arms straight like you are running. This will help with your explosiveness and your arm movement to help with your momentum.


Kickouts – 2 Sets | 8 Reps


How To Perform: You will have the bands around your ankles and have your leg in the “Band Holds” position and you will kick your foot out in front of you but make sure your thigh is in the same position throughout the whole set.


Loaded Lateral Hops – 3 Sets | 6 Reps


How To Perform: Have a marker on the ground and jump over the marker laterally. However, you will have a load hop which is a little hop before the actual hop jumping over the marker. So you will jump 2-4 inches off the ground then once you land you will jump through the ground as hard as you can and jump laterally over the marker.


Lateral Tuck Jumps – 3 Sets | 6 Reps


How To Perform: Have a marker on the ground and jump over the marker laterally however you when you jump you will tuck your knees up to your chest.


Hops To Lunge Hold – 3 Sets | 6 Reps


How To Perform: Do 3 average hops like you are loading than on the 3rd jump, use all your effort to jump high and land in a lunge then hold for 1-2 seconds.


Random Power Jumps – 10 Max Effort Jumps


How To Perform: This is the finisher for the warmup. You will walk around where you are at and then when you are ready to do a one-step into a max effort jump.


Below you can download the PDF with the sets, reps, and exercises (pictures showing the workouts) to this Vertical Jump Warm-up: https://twicethespeed.com/fof-vertical-jump-pdf

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