How To Become A Dominant Athlete In Your Sport! (At Home Training!)

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In this video, I break down how to workout while playing video games or watching TV.


There is always a way to workout throughout the day even if it is doing 10 push ups when commercials come on while watching TV. I go over the example of watching the NBA and during a quarter you pick a team and when they score you do 10 push ups. Then if the other team scores your friend does 10 push ups. 


If you are playing video games like 2k20 when you score your friend does 10 push ups or when he scores you do 10 push ups. With Fortnite you can do it, when you see a colored weapon you do 10 push ups. You can make ANYTHING a workout.


Just think, if you start doing the push ups at the age of 8 or 10 (does not mean you shouldn’t start if you are older) and do this for the next 6 years you will be stronger than most of the others around you because you are getting a head start just by doing 10 push ups here and there. 


You can also switch out push ups for crunches, Mountain Climbers, Pull ups, etc. Doing this will help you become a dominant athlete on the court or field!


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