How To Properly Track And Measure An Athlete At Home! (Full Stopwatch Breakdown)

In this video, I breakdown how to track and measure an exercise to help athletes from all ages become more competitive and have fun with training. 


We break down how you can compete with doing push-ups. How fast you can do a single push up, 3 push-ups or 5 push-ups in a row. There is a lot of exercises that you can track to help in making working out fun. We also go over balance work, if you stand on one leg how many times do you touch the ground if a friend or teammate is tapping your shoulder, arm, back. 


Then we go to the more advanced workouts such as Bench Press and Squat. Now we go over when to start and stop when tracking a bench press. For squats, we give you 3 different ways to track and measure the exercise. An Eccentric Squat is when you go down slowly such as counting to 5 then you should be parallel to the ground while a Concentric squat is when you are going up slowly. At the end of the 5 count, you will go from parallel to standing straight up. The third way to track a squat is isometric which is when you are in a squatting position parallel to the ground.


This video is perfect for Parents, Coaches, and Athletes because most athletes get bored doing the same workout over and over while this gives them a fun competitive way to workout.


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