The EXACT Age Athletes Should Start Working Out At! (AVOID INJURIES)

In this week’s video I break down exactly what age an athlete should start working out. It’s not what you think! There is NO one age that an athlete needs to be so they can start lifting weights or doing Plyometrics.

You need to understand the individual Athlete and where their at on the Maturity spectrum. Not maturity as in please and thank you’s… But physical maturity. How far along Puberty is the athlete?

This easiest way to see where you or your kids stack up is simply looking at the other kids their age. Are they more physically mature? Less physically mature? Just because an athlete is 13 years old does not mean they are ready.

They could have the physical maturity of 16 year old or a 10 year Old. Give this video a watch to fully understand how to gauge the proper age you or your kids should start lifting weights and working out.

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Enjoy this week’s video: