Top Vertical Jump Exercises To Instantly Jump Higher  (Enter Contest By Clicking On The Link)


We had a video go viral on TikTok recently showing a simple at home exercise to Instantly Jump Higher! So we decided to do a video breaking it down.


It is very important to test your vertical jump before you do these exercises. Grab a piece of tape right now and stand next to a wall and I want you to jump as high as you can and stick the tap on the wall. 


Now that you have that done, here are the exercises:


Exercises #1 – (2 sets | 10 Second Holds)


You will stand about 2 feet away from a wall and balance on one foot and then with the other foot you will push it against the wall about 12 inches from the ground. Then you will drive your foot into the wall for 10 seconds. This would be considered one rep. You will do this a total of four times (2 times each leg).


Exercises #2 – (2 sets | 10 Second Holds)


Similar to exercise #1 however, you will instead of push your foot in the wall you will simply have your single leg lifted in the air and then push down on your thigh with your hands. The key is to keep your leg at the same level off the ground (8-12 inches) for 10 seconds. Now again you will do this for a total of four times (2 times each leg).


Now that you have done these two exercises done it is time to retest your vertical jump and see how much you improved!


Let us know in the comments how much you have improved by! 


 Talk soon,


Coach Cascio



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