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Vertical Jump, Quickness, Speed, and Strength Programs

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The Twice The Speed System

The Twice The Speed Training System Double Your Speed In Just 30 Days.** Imagine the next camp or combine you go to, you run the FASTEST 40 time there? That’s what happened to CJ. This system is customized to drop your 40 time the fast and most efficient way possible. This system will make it near impossible for defenders to guard you. It gives you an INSTANT athletic advantage.** In this training system, I teach you 3 secret exercises professional athletes are using, I show you how to increase your stride length, and give one simple exercise to train your most prized muscles you’ve never trained before. Coaches and Scouts want guys who are FAST! Like I’ve said a million times, SPEED KILLS. I’ve been fortunate enough to sell this system in over 50 countries worldwide, and here are the benefits

30 Day Vertical Jump Cure

The 30 Day Vertical Jump Cure was built to increase your vertical jump by 6" in just 30 days.** I have worked with thousands of professional athletes, and through this experience, I have created a proven system that helps increase your vertical in the shortest period possible. In includes exactly how to warmup, lift weights, perform your plyos, and cooldown, so you get the maximum effect you want.

Fast Twitch Formula

This workout is for athletes who are looking for that WOW factor. The guy no one can guard on the field, and quite honestly, they’re SCARED to guard because they don’t want to look dumb. I personally built this workout for phenom athlete Chris James. He needed an In-Season workout to not only keep his speed where it’s at, but to actually become quicker on the field! If you want ankle breaking ability then you’re going to need to give this workout a try. The best athletes, like Derrick Rose, and Reggie Bush are fun to watch because their ability to make their opponents miss. Would you want to guard them 1 on 1 with your starting spot on the line? I sure as hell wouldn’t! Stop letting your coach decide your fate…Give him no option whether or not he has to play you (at the position you want) because the fans will be chanting your name!**

Fast Twitch Bench Press System

Add up to 40lbs to your bench in the next 30 days.** Imagine what a difference that would make on AND off of the field. Whether you’re a receiver fighting to get off the line past the defensive back, a post man working to get that clutch rebound, or the baseball player who wants to hit and throw harder, this System is designed for you to become the biggest, baddest, most athletic beast on the court or field.

TTS Elite

Start off by Choosing your primary goal…Increase Your Vertical Jump, Or Increase Your Speed/Explosiveness. (The TTS Elite program will make you jump higher and be faster/more explosive at the same time but the program will be tweaked for you depending on your primary goal**) Then You’ll take 15 short tests I’ve designed specifically to identify the type of athlete you are (A, B, or C) and then based on the results you’ll be given a specific training regimen to follow for your very specific needs. You’ll then be told exactly how to track your improvements so that when it’s the right time, you can quickly and easily adapt and move on the next training routine we give you based on your improvements. 90 short days from now you’ll look back at how you used to play compared to your skill NOW being an ELITE athlete…and you’ll think…why didn’t I do this earlier!? And it’s that simple!**

The Basketball Slasher System

If you’d like to be a threat on the court every time you get the ball (just like Derrick Rose, Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant) and play BETTER than anyone on your team while spending LESS time training…then this program is for you.**

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