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TTS Elite

Become the Best Athlete Possible By Training Elite

Join the workout program that has solved "slow feet" problems for thousands of athletes across over 50 countries.**

Here Are Some of the Results That Our Athletes Have Seen...

What this Elite Training System is all about...

Double Your Speed In Just 90 Days.** Imagine the next camp or combine you go to, you run the FASTEST 40 time there? That's what happened to CJ. This system is customized to drop your 40 time the fast and most efficient way possible. This system will make it near impossible for defenders to guard you. It gives you an INSTANT athletic advantage. In this training system, I teach you 3 secret exercises professional athletes are using, I show you how to increase your stride length, and give one simple exercise to train your most prized muscles you've never trained before.

Coaches and Scouts want guys who are FAST! Like I've said a million times, SPEED KILLS. I've been fortunate enough to sell this system in over 50 countries worldwide, and here are the benefits: -Make Defenders Look Silly! -Run The Fastest 40 Time Of Your Life** -Ignite ALL Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers -Drop The Jaws Of Coaches And Scouts

Here's What is Included in the TTS Elite System...

15 'Athlete Type' Test

After you’ve determined your primary goal (vertical jump vs. speed) you will be given this exact series of 15 tests that will grade your body’s athletic performance. and based on the results you get from THIS test, you’ll be given a CUSTOM 12-week workout program specifically designed for your EXACT needs.**

Normally I charge my private clients $100 to go through this hour long process with me so the value of these tests alone is…[Value $100]

Lower Body Warm Up

Do these 10 simple but effective exercises BEFORE every one of your lower body workouts to heat up your necessary muscles to make you 2x MORE explosive.** It was carefully designed to make sure you not only get more explosive but also decrease your chances of getting an injury while playing.** [Value $47]

Lower Body System

The Lower Body Workout also has 3 main phases, Strength, Power and Speed. The phase you start in will be determined by the grade you get on the 15 ‘athlete type’ tests.
Inside the 4-week STRENGTH phase you will be building functional strength in your legs allowing you to stand your ground when needed and also get past defenders on your pure strength alone.

Inside the 4-week POWER phase you will be converting your leg strength into power, creating more fast-twitch muscle fibers in your leg muscles making you an unshakable athlete who uses his power to create any outcome he wants in the game.**

Inside the 4-week SPEED phase you will be converting your leg strength and power into lightning fast speed you can use to almost always blow past your opponents making it almost impossible for them to keep up with you.**

This is the exact lower body workout I use with my private clients who pay me $2,400 to train them for 12 weeks (2 times per week on lower body) so the real world value of this is…[Value: $2400]

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Here Are Just A Few Of Extra Bonuses We Threw In...

14 Lightning Fast Sprint Variations

These 14 Lightning Fast Sprint Variations were carefully designed to increase your first step quickness, to maintain your fast acceleration and to decelerate at will.**

This means you’ll become an EXPERT at blowing past your defenders/opponents and once you’ve passed them, they won’t be able to catch up to you because you’ll just keep on accelerating like crazy. And you’ll also have the ability to STOP ON A DIME and change direction to make your defenders/opponents miss you almost every time. [Value: $47]

11 Rotational Core Exercises

These 11 Exercises were designed to add instant explosiveness to your game making you almost impossible to guard by increasing the rotational torque of your CORE.** This series of 11 rotational core exercises is especially good for sports where you have to rotate your trunk a lot like baseball, golf, tennis, hockey and lacrosse.

The power of these exercises makes you more explosive when you also combine them with…[Value: $37]

11 Power Movement CORE Exercises

These 11 exercises increase your CORE power making a much stronger player**. Because of this your opponents will FEAR guarding you because of their lack of core strength that you now possess.
This is especially good for sports like football, basketball, wrestling, boxing, MMA fighting etc…
…and works even better when you combine it with the 11 core rotational exercises above. [Value: $37]

Hip Igniter Workout

This unique 5 minute circuit style workout will increase your hip flexibility and your hip strength making your sprint strides longer, and your jumps up to 30% more powerful.** This circuit is a must for any athlete looking for that edge over their competition. [Value: $37]

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied for ANY REASON within 60 Days of your purchase, you can contact our support team at, and we will grant you the charge of your purchase.

That brings the total value of this offer to a whopping $2,906 of real world value, but for a limited time only if you ACT RIGHT NOW…

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BUT right now for a limited time…

Yep. That’s it.

But you’ll have to hurry before I come back to my senses and raise the price dramatically to what it should and WILL sell for in the future.

Heck, that’s ONLY .54 cents per day over the next 12 weeks of your program!

You can probably find 54 cents every day laying on the floor for the next 12 weeks so you simply don’t have any excuses not to get this right now.

YES! I'm Ready To Get Started Today

Limited Time Offer

  • Double Your Speed In 90 Days**

  • Improve Your Acceleration

  • Jump Start That First Step Quickness

Brandon Hutton Brandon Hutton, Chicago, Illinois

“Being one of the top high school Basketball players in the state/nation, I knew I needed to work hard to get myself to the #1 spot. I used the Twice The Speed Training System to give myself the best chance possible of playing at my peak. I can jump much higher, and my first step quickness has really improved. Thanks so much Jack!“

Here's What You Get When You Order Today:

  • 15 ‘Athlete Type’ Tests
  • Lower Body Warmup
  • Lower Body Workout – Strength, Power and Speed Phase
  • 14 Lightning Fast Sprint Variations
  • 11 Rotational CORE Exercises
  • 11 Power Movement CORE Exercises
  • Hip Igniter Workout
  • 4th Gear Workout
  • TTS Nutrition Blueprint
  • The PERFECT Running Form System

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Have A Question...? Here Are Some Of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Do You Offer A Money Back Guarantee On Your Programs?

    A.YES!  All of our workouts have at least a 60 day money back guarantee!

  • Q.What Forms Of Payments Do You Accept?

    A.We accept ALL forms of payment.  Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal and you information is 100% secure.

  • Q.I Am An International Customer, Can I Get These Workouts?

    A.Yes, because everything is digital, you will get access to the workouts INSTANTLY!

  • Q.Can Advanced Athletes Do These Workouts?

    A.Absolutely!  Our workouts will work directly with how advanced you are.  The more advanced of an athlete, the harder the workouts will be (and vice versa).

  • Q.Can I Do Multiple Programs Together At Once?

    A.Yes we actually encourage you to integrate multiple programs of ours into your weekly regimen.  We do NOT recommend you do more than 3 speed training, or other high intensity training sessions per week.  The other days we would recommend that you are working on your upper body strength and explosiveness.

  • Q.What Sport Does TTS Help The Most?

    A.These workouts are built for athletes who are looking to be the fastest, and most explosive they can possibly be.  You will run faster, and feel much lighter on your feet which in return will make you dominate your sport.

  • Q.How Old Do You Have To Be For TTS Workouts?

    A.Our youngest athlete who did our program was 6 years old, and our oldest was in his mid 60’s.  We show multiple levels of intensity to suit your needs.

  • Q.Do I Need A Weight Room?

    A.Although we do recommend a weight room for more advanced athletes, our workouts can be done (and we show you) with no weights in the comfort of your own home.

  • Q.Are Your Workouts Digital Or Will They Be Shipped To My House?

    A.All Twice The Speed workouts are digital and you will have immediate access to them.  There is NOTHING that is shipped to your house.