This workout is for athletes who are looking for that WOW factor. The guy no one can guard on the field, and quite honestly, they’re SCARED to guard because they don’t want to look dumb. I personally built this workout for phenom athlete Chris James. He needed an In-Season workout to not only keep his speed where it’s at, but to actually become quicker on the field! If you want ankle breaking ability then you’re going to need to give this workout a try.

The best athletes, like Derrick Rose, and Reggie Bush are fun to watch because their ability to make their opponents miss. Would you want to guard them 1 on 1 with your starting spot on the line? I sure as hell wouldn’t! Stop letting your coach decide your fate…Give him no option whether or not he has to play you (at the position you want) because the fans will be chanting your name!

Brandon Hutton Brandon Hutton, Chicago, Illinois

“Being one of the top high school Basketball players in the state/nation, I knew I needed to work hard to get myself to the #1 spot. I used the Twice The Speed Training System to give myself the best chance possible of playing at my peak. I can jump much higher, and my first step quickness has really improved. Thanks so much Jack!“**

  • The Ankle Breaker Workout to Help You Catch Defenders Off Balance and Embarrass Them!
  • The Breakaway Effect to Help You Create Separation in Longer Distant Sprints
  • The Unguardable Exercises to Slow the Game Down For You
  • The In-season Workout to Let You Make Improvements In-Season!
  • 30 Day Confidence Cure to Make You Better Between the Ears than Your Competition
  • 30 Day Bench Press Cure to Increase Your Bench By Up to 50% in Just 30 Days
  • 30 Day Recruiting Cure to Attract Attention from College Coaches and Scouts

Have A Question...? Here Are Some Of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Do You Offer A Money Back Guarantee On Your Programs?

    A.YES!  All of our workouts have at least a 60 day money back guarantee!

  • Q.What Forms Of Payments Do You Accept?

    A.We accept ALL forms of payment.  Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal and you information is 100% secure.

  • Q.I Am An International Customer, Can I Get These Workouts?

    A.Yes, because everything is digital, you will get access to the workouts INSTANTLY!

  • Q.Can Advanced Athletes Do These Workouts?

    A.Absolutely!  Our workouts will work directly with how advanced you are.  The more advanced of an athlete, the harder the workouts will be (and vice versa).

  • Q.Can I Do Multiple Programs Together At Once?

    A.Yes we actually encourage you to integrate multiple programs of ours into your weekly regimen.  We do NOT recommend you do more than 3 speed training, or other high intensity training sessions per week.  The other days we would recommend that you are working on your upper body strength and explosiveness.

  • Q.What Sport Does TTS Help The Most?

    A.These workouts are built for athletes who are looking to be the fastest, and most explosive they can possibly be.  You will run faster, and feel much lighter on your feet which in return will make you dominate your sport.

  • Q.How Old Do You Have To Be For TTS Workouts?

    A.Our youngest athlete who did our program was 6 years old, and our oldest was in his mid 60’s.  We show multiple levels of intensity to suit your needs.

  • Q.Do I Need A Weight Room?

    A.Although we do recommend a weight room for more advanced athletes, our workouts can be done (and we show you) with no weights in the comfort of your own home.

  • Q.Are Your Workouts Digital Or Will They Be Shipped To My House?

    A.All Twice The Speed workouts are digital and you will have immediate access to them.  There is NOTHING that is shipped to your house.