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Increase Your Vertical Jump By 6″ In 30 Days**

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How Can This Burrito Help You DUNK
In Just 4 Weeks From Today?

If you want to jump a minimum of 6 inches higher in as little as 30 days**, than this system is for you.

I am Jack Casio, Professional Athlete Trainer, and I’ve spent years working with 1000+ professional athletes to develop a system for any person who wants to maximize their jump in the shortest period of time.

How? By setting you up on a 30 day calendar-system that has you lifting weights, exercising, stretching and cooling down your muscles, every day of the week for 30 days.


The 30 Day Vertical Jump Cure System

My system includes a strategic dieting plan that cuts fat and increases muscles gains by 50%-60%.**

Here’s an overview of what you’ll get from my training videos:


You get all this for only $77 dollars. I am so confident that you’ll jump higher, if you don’t increase your jump by 5″, I’ll give you 100% money back guarantee withing 60 days of your purchase!

Try The 30-Day Vertical Jump Cure System and Get 6 FREE Gifts Worth $282

Bonus 1 – Easy 30-Day Meal Plans

One of the biggest reasons athletes fail to jump higher is because they are not feeding their body correctly.

Bonus 1In this nutrition guide I tell you EXACTLY what you need to be eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Value: $27)

Bonus 2 – Foam Roll Series

Find out the real reason athletes get “jumpers knee” and a unique stretch to make sure you NEVER get it…

Bonus 1 PLUS: Discover the exact stretching routine you need to be doing at least every Tuesday to ensure you’ll be dunking within 30 days!** (Value: $57)

Bonus 3 – Own Your Calves Workout

Discover the exact exercises that will give you explosive calves fast!

Did you know that the way you train your calves affects your vertical jump…and that you can add an extra 2-3″ to your vertical jump** by just training your calves a certain way?(Value: $37)

Bonus 4 – Muscle Confusion Shower System

A few years ago I accidentally discovered how to accelerate my vertical jump results by doing a simple 5-10 minute trick in the SHOWER.**

(Yep. The shower) And now you’ll be able to jump higher faster. (Value: $37)

Bonus 5 – How To Naturally Grow Up To 2 Inches Taller

Discover exactly what you can do to naturally grow 2″ taller.**

Did you know you could do this ONE thing for 2 minutes a day and naturally grow an extra 2″ taller over time? (Value: $27)

Super VIP Bonus

Special Access to my “private” VIP customer only Facebook group where you’ll have direct access to me.

You’ll be able to ask me questions about anything and you’ll also be able to meet other athletes just like you from all over the world who are a part of the Twice The Speed family. (Value: $97 p/month)



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DisclaimerConsult a physician and follow all safety instructions. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the potential of this training, but results are not guaranteed. Results are not typical, and only represent trainees who worked very hard.

Of course, no guarantee can be made for every single trainee. Each trainee's success depends on their dedication, commitment, motivation and work ethic. No Guarantee of success, results, or level of achievement can be made.