11 "Form Running" Exercises To Increase Your Speed Instantly

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Learning how to run correctly is key in increasing an athlete’s speed. If any athlete has an error in his or her form, fixing it will instantly increase his speed by a tenth or two which is HUGE!


I breakdown the perfect Form Running Warm Up for any athlete to increase their speed! This warm up should be done after their dynamic and activation warm up. 


Example of a Dynamic Warm Up: https://youtu.be/-r7hRDelgik


Example of an Activation Warm Up: https://youtu.be/Fr_8nvX70T8


Here is a breakdown of each exercise in this warm up: 


1. High Knees

2. Butt Kicks

3. Butt Kicks To High Knees

4. Power Skips

5 .Backwards Power Skips

6. Deons

7. Kickbacks

8. Carioca Down And Back

9. Lateral Shuffle

10. Hip Ignitors

11. Hip Ignitors Backwards


You should do each exercise for a distance of 15-20 yards.

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