9 Resistance Band Training Drills For Speed And Agility (Run Faster)

Since we have helped over 100,000 Parents, Coaches, and Athletes run faster using our Resistance Bands, we decided to putt together a Speed And Agility Workout that athletes can do 3-4 times a week to see their speed and agility increase.

Full Exercise Breakdown:


Band Chops – 2 Set | 10 Seconds Each Leg 


How To Perform: You will be doing knee drives to work your hip flexors. You will do 10 reps on one leg and then switch legs. Pump your arms and drive the knee up to get into a rhythm.


Band Hold To Lunge – 2 Set | 10 Reps (Each Leg)


How To Perform: You will have the bans around your ankles. Then you will drive your leg to 90 degrees in front of you and then fall into a lunge. Reset and repeat for 10 reps each leg and that is one set.


Wideout Alternates – 2 Set | 10 Seconds


How To Perform: You will have the bands around your ankles, then should width apart. Then you will hop and bring your feet out having about 2 feet of distance between each foot. Then You will hop and bring them back to shoulder width. Then you will hop again and drive one foot forward and other backward (similar to a running position). Then you will bring it back to the middle. Repeat this for 10 seconds as fast as you can and that is one rep.


Floor Band Sprints – 2 Set | 10 Reps (Each Leg)


How To Perform: You will start on all fours and have them around your thigh and one bottom of your foot. Then you will extend your leg back and drive your opposite arm forward like a running motion. Then reset and repeat.


Lateral Walks – 2 Set | 10 Yards (Each Way)


How To Perform: You will be in an athletic stance with your feet about a foot apart and your hands on your hips. The band will be around your ankles and you will walk laterally in one direction. Then you will walk back in the opposite direction


Kickback – 1 Set | 10 Reps (Each Leg)


How To Perform: You will start slightly different in this exercise. Have one side of the band on your ankle and the side on the bottom of your foot. From here you will be doing 10 kickbacks focusing on your glutes and then switch sides.


Glute Bridge w/ External Rotation – 2 Sets | 10 Reps


How To Perform: There are three steps to this exercise. Step 1 is, to begin with, your knees positioned as in image one and your butt/lower back on the ground. Step 2 is to push through your feet and lift your butt off the ground as in image two. Step 3 is to push both knees out and let them come back in as in image three and then return to the starting position.


Clam Shells – 2 Sets | 10 Reps (Each Way)


How To Perform: Start lying down on your side as in the first image. From here you will be externally rotating your leg by raising your knee up as in the second image. Return to the starting position and this is one rep. Do 10 reps on one side and then 10 on the other. 


Prone Kickbacks – 2 Sets | 10 Reps (Each Leg)


Lay on the ground with the band around your feet as in the first image. Kick one leg back for a total of 10 reps. Switch legs and do the same.


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